A little piece from our very first embroidery class.

marketing postcard front


This is one of the tote bag bottoms from our first embroidery class. Francis put this design together, hand stitched on a neutral linen base that we  bought from Sister Anne in the Kampala fabric markets.

All together, Francis learned 18 embroidery stitches. Ten of these were in our beginning class and 8 were self taught from laminated instruction cards she found around the compound!

You can see the heart Francis has put into her work and it is amazing how far she has come.  Francis tends to beat herself up because her pieces aren’t “perfect.”  We always remind her that no one is perfect, and if she was perfect, ow fun would that be?  You would have nothing else to learn!

Francis’s tote is part of the “My Bag” collection, and only one of each basic tote was made.

The stories behind the tailors and these bags will be unveiled in the next six weeks as we highlight a different tailor every week.

Who are we starting with?  Well, Francis of course!


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