Rachel and Jessica

Rachel and Jessica

This sweet little girl is Rachel. At the time this photo was taken, she was anywhere from 7-9 years old depending on who you asked. When she was younger, she contracted malaria and her family was unable to purchase the medicine to treat her case. The malaria travelled to her brain and resulted Rachel now having some mental challenges.

Many of the villagers believe she is bewitched and under a witch doctor’s spell. She still stays with her parents at night, but spends most of her time at our compound where she is our founder’s little shadow (as you can see by the photo). With a little care, a lot of patience, and even more attention, Jessica has helped Rachel to learn some new English phrases, worked with her on hygiene practices, and is helping Rachel to re-integrate with her family.

While they still won’t put Rachel back into school and believe she is cursed, she has a safe place to come and learn, eat, and socialize at our community center.

Rachel is a small piece to the many facets of our work and mission. Rachel’s treatment would have only cost $3US, but that was not available at the time. Providing mosquito nets, mosquito repellent candles, window screens, and access to health care are just parts of our plan to help fight the battle against Malaria and other communicable diseases in Kapeeka.

As you can see, it goes much farther than just a needle, a few threads, and a few women learning how to sew!


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