We’re going to be highlighting our advanced tailors this week.


Today, meet Francis, mother of 5, former singer who had a hard fall from grace and returned to her roots in the village…only to find herself in an abusive situation in a half demolished house she paid $4 a month to live in.

When Francis first picked up a needle, she pulled too hard, she broke the threads, she ripped the paper, she tugged the fabric, but we watched her.  She would walk to the compound at 4:30 am every morning and practice by gas lantern.  She would leave at 9 at night, but only after we begged her.  She would sheepishly hide if we offered her food and we will never forget the first time we heard her laugh.

She now stays in our compound, runs the lunch program, and works diligently on her sewing and embroidery.  She’s always the first to jump in to any new exercise and even if our team is in town and just playing around with ideas, she will quickly jump in and take over until she learns the skills we are playing with.

She also laughs now, all the time.


**If you haven’t heard already through the wonders of social media, we are currently working with Pen Name Publishing to bring our cookbook to light on a global scale.  We will need to reshoot many of the photographs inside to get the proper resolution and quality for a mass scale cookbook.  All proceeds and royalties from the cookbook will go to the lunch program, hygiene and sanitation courses.


Visit our crowdfunding link via Pubslush here:***


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