Looking Ahead


2014 is almost over and it ends one of our most challenging years yet.  We found ourselves rebuilding, rearranging, making new plans, and re-evaluating goals. We had many difficult challenges and tought decisions to make.

As we get ready for our final board meeting of 2014, one think is for certain – we are focused on the future.

As we plan for 2015, you’re going to see us active again on many platforms – Twitter, Facebook, this blog, and now on Instagram.

You’re going to see new products, new videos, new faces, and new opportunities to work along side our team.

It’s amazing to think of what we can do together and we are so thankful to be looking ahead with you by our side.

Do you have some spare time and want to volunteer with us?  We have many needs and this means we need you.  We are releasing details about our volunteer and Board Member opportunities as we speak.  More detailed links will be posted this Friday so be on the look out and feel free to reach out!

We wish you all a very, very, very Merry Christmas, and a beautiful Holiday Season.

From our house to yours,



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