Meet Our Sunshine: Juliet

MeetJuliet (2)

What can we say about Juliet?  Juliet is a mother to four living children, her youngest passed away two years ago from a sudden, unexplained illness.  She was dropped off at her mother’s house while Juliet came to the center and when she returned, she was gone.  For the first time in our lives, we saw her smile fade for a while.  We were blown away by the support of our friends and fans who reached out with messages of support and financial assistance while Juliet healed.

She had her first child in her early teens, a victim of rape, but her hard past has never torn down her spirit.  Sometimes we forget how young Juliet is as she is always jumping in and taking a leadership role, but then, we catch her double dutching in the front yard until she falls down in a fit of laughter.

Juliet’s dream is to purchase a small plot of land where she can raise her family and own her garden instead of renting her gardening land.  Her favorite part of our program is the embroidery and learning to create new patterns and stitches.



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